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Resources on Constructive Dialogue

We believe it takes a village to know better and do betterBelow you’ll find a list of resources that keep us fueled and inspired. If you have a resource to contribute, send an email to us at:

Project asks you to take the Collaboration Pledge

The Roanoke Collaboration Project asks you to take the Collaboration Pledge

The goal of this op-ed is a call to action for people who want to build momentum for addressing complex problems with mutual respect. 


The signers of this op-ed make up the Roanoke Collaboration Project (RCP). We are not seeking monetary contributions. We seek donations of courage and action.

The Roanoke Collaboration Project is not a political entity. It’s not even a formal organization.


It’s a group of residents from diverse backgrounds interested in promoting civil discourse, so that people who might otherwise hold opposing ideological views can still work together in the service of crafting solutions to difficult community challenges.

The Roanoke Collaboration Project is a new initiative with an emphasis on respectful dialogue and idea-sharing for progress.


The complex problems humans face… get solved by diverse people and organizations sharing their experience and talent for greater good.

Commentary: We want to trust others; we’ve forgotten how

The Frenemies Project, The Civility Project, Frenemies Day

Ohio Civility Project

Delivering and hearing criticism is not something innate to any of us. Rather, it’s one of the many so-called soft skills that must be learned.


If our leaders want to leave a legacy to be proud of, they could do no better than by becoming better at delivering and hearing criticism.

We have been conducting this work for a few years under multiple banners but always with the mission to:


“Help communities have more civil discourse as they seek to repair and maintain relationships, deliberate around policy challenges, and find ways to healthily coexist.”

The mission of the Ohio Civility Project is to return civility to our public discourse in Akron, Ohio, and beyond.


Applying civility standards to political discourse and disseminating the results will provide incentives for public officials, campaigns, the news media and public to adhere to the standards. In effect, such information serves as a referee in public debate, calling the fouls of incivility and noting the good plays of civil discourse.

CAI Civility Pledge

10 Servant Leadership Topics in 10 Minutes

Talk. Listen. Respect. Adopt the CAI #CivilityPledge to foster a climate of open discussion, mutual respect, and tolerance between residents, guests, board and committee members, community managers, staff, and business partners. Civility starts with YOU.

As we start the new year, we want to encourage elected officials to make eleven commitments that will help them leave a legacy that matters.

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